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  1. Andy Thuwis

    Andy Thuwis Sep 16, 2022

    I bought a used tag connected e1.
    I am having problems to upload Watch faces from the app to my tag e1. I am wondering if I have the correct app.
    I have an iPhone so do I need the connected modulair app? Because I was using the connected app … but then when I go to watch faces I can not upload them. When I say connect it sends me to wear os where I can choose some Watch faces but not all … like the Porsche one is not showing or orbital is not showing ..,
    And do I need to update something on the Watch itself ? Like in google play store on the Watch ?

    Thanks in advance
    97F8785A-B1E2-4B69-BE7E-8FB3DB81E06E.jpeg 28851E93-BA2C-4518-A497-C4DAD11CAD34.png 10FC3A31-1A02-4643-9D48-68B56187C32F.png 1E6D46BE-EEC2-4F3E-BCF4-962A483CF11D.png
  2. Akineton

    Akineton Sep 17, 2022

    Although the E1 (which I have) will not receive the latest Wear OS updates that newer models will (e.g., the E3, which I also have), it does help if you install all the updates available from the Play Store (My Apps) in the watch.