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  1. Feanor

    Feanor Jul 26, 2023

    .. and a Richard Mille is over ten times the price of a Rolex, but it also doesn't do anything better than that. Let alone that any mechanical watch doesn't do anything better than a €100 Swatch but still people buy expensive watches. There are clearly people that can afford €2000 for a short-lived, disposable item, so arguing that the TAG Heuer Connected is bad, because of its price is rather moot. All expensive luxury items carry a huge luxury tax tag. The question is, does the TAG Heuer Connected do its job as an attractive and luxury smartwatch? The answer for me is an unequivocal "yes".
  2. STB

    STB Jan 20, 2024

    Agreed - great post - had the E3 which was ok - managed to damage the glass - blemish - thinking my watch was bulletproof!?! Exchanged for E4 - it’s not the same ! Not sure if connected owners are aware - iAny damage to the watch glass/ face effectively can’t be repaired- you will be looking to replace the watch head - effectively you will be buying a NEW watch ! Something I haven’t read in any of the literature from Tag / not great news ! The suggested repair/ replacement estimate was more than the watch