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FOOTBALL: All Premier League referees will be equipped with a TAG Heuer Connected Watch

  1. TAG Heuer

    TAG Heuer Aug 10, 2016

    FOOTBALL - PREMIER LEAGUE: Kicking off the next season,
    All Premier League referees will be keeping time with a TAG Heuer Connected Watch!

    TAG Heuer is proud to introduce a brand new app for professional referees, developed in close partnership with Premier League officials
    High-performance Premier League referee app is the first of its kind.

    - On every Premier League Referee wrist starting 2017: The TAG Heuer Connected Watch.
    - TAG Heuer Connected watch owners will also be able to download the exclusive Premier League watch dial to their watch
    - Premier League referees to wear TAG Heuer Connected watches during games
    - TAG Heuer’s latest football partnership follows deals with the Premier League and Manchester United
    - New app confirms TAG Heuer as a leader in sports timekeeping
    - A watch version of the Premier League smartphone app will keep fans up to date with news and results from their favourite teams and across the league

    TAG Heuer’s deepening relationship with professional football continues with the announcement of the Premier League referee app for the company’s Connected watch. The app has been designed in partnership with Premier League referees, all of whom will wear the famous Swiss brand’s game-changing watch during the 2016/17 season. TAG Heuer exchanged know-how with leading Premier League officials to develop the app’s functionality and to create an important tool that will help referees keep track of match timings accurately and securely.

    Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer’s chief executive said: ‘This is not a gimmick – this is a real tool that referees can and will actually use during games. It takes advantage of the Connected watch’s sophisticated technology, which we developed at TAG Heuer with our partners Intel and Google. Because every detail of the referee app has been thought through with Premier League referees, I have no doubt that this will be a useful tool. TAG Heuer is extremely proud to be working with the Premier League and its officials and to provide referees with Connected watches, which combine the best of Swiss watchmaking with the best of Silicon Valley.’

    Mike Riley, former Premier League referee and General Manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited said: ‘Refereeing a Premier League game has never been more demanding than it is now, with every refereeing decision heavily scrutinised. The introduction of the TAG Heuer Connected and the TAG Heuer referee app makes the job that much simpler. Knowing they have an accurate, reliable, high-functioning device on their wrist to keep track of game time will give referees extra confidence and leave them to focus on the running of the match.’
    The app is simple to use and has been customised to track the natural rhythm of a game of football, covering both 45-minute halves, including stoppage time, as well as the 15-minute half-time rest period and extra time where it’s required. It has been designed to be user-friendly and ‘safe’, with gestures that mean referees can focus on the game without fearing they have accidentally stopped the time. Premier League referees have been familiarising themselves with their TAG Heuer Connected watches using the app during pre-season warm-up games.
    Close to the start of the new season, TAG Heuer Connected watch owners will be able to download a Premier League watch dial to their watch.

    A watch version of the Premier League smartphone app will also complete, so fans can keep up to date with news and results from their favourite teams and across the league.
    This new development is the latest in a series of partnerships that have brought TAG Heuer and football together all over the world. TAG Heuer is the Official Timekeeper of the English Premier League, the Spanish LaLiga, the German Bundesliga, Major League Soccer in the USA, the Copa America, the Chinese Football Association Super League and the Australian National Football team. In July, TAG Heuer became the Official Timekeeper and Global Partner of one of the world’s biggest and most historic football clubs, Manchester United.
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  2. dsio

    dsio Ash @ ΩF Staff Member Aug 11, 2016

    That's actually not a bad idea, it's one thing to issue a watch as a sponsorship agreement but to actually create an app tailored for use by refs on the watch that allows them to more conveniently track the game is a pretty smart approach.
  3. Hubert

    Hubert TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member Aug 12, 2016