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TAG Heuer Connected E1 (46mm, 1gen) stuck on logo.

  1. i.l13

    i.l13 Mar 24, 2024

    Dear forums
    Would anyone be able to support with Tag Connected 46 Flash file for reinstalling system on my smartwatch?

    Have contacted support via telephone and they say that there is no support for connected 46.

    I hope that anyone here could help?
  2. Albert-AMG

    Albert-AMG TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member Mar 24, 2024

    Hi @i.l13

    Some time ago you asked the same for an E2 Modular 45:

    And do you have now fhe same problem with an E1?

    I don't think we can publish or provide this type of technical support in this forum.
    You could take your watch to a TAG Heuer Authorized Dealer or TAG Heuer boutique and ask for a budget to have it repaired, and if they can't fix it, they will surely offer you a very good proposal to exchange it for a more recent model :thumbsup:
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