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What to do about defective Lume on brand new watch?

  1. Niko Nelson

    Niko Nelson Feb 21, 2023

    Just bought my first Tag Heuer Aquaracer at an AD on a trip to mexico city…

    I am totally in love with it, but the first night wore it I noticed that the lume on the 10 oclock indices does not glow!!!

    Looking at it in the light, there is almost no visual difference to the other indices, leading me to wonder if the lume piece was applied backwards or something? It is still there, just does not glow! Very odd indeed.

    The watch is new and of course still under warranty…it doesnt really affect the legibilty of the watch at night, but of course it is a defect and would certainly affect the resale value of the watch in the future as i would naturally need to disclose it to a buyer.

    My question to everyone, especially those who have sent watches to Tag Heuer for warranty issues, would be if it is worth parting with the watch for what i’m assuming would most likely be months, with the uncertainty of if or how the issue would even be resolved, or just live with the defect as a stern lesson to always carefully check a potential purchase in the dark as well as the light? (i glanced at the lume in cupped hands but did not notice each and every indices as the store was still brightly lit)
    Anyway, still love everything else about this piece, but curious to hear what any of you have done / would do in my situation. Thanks and happy times!
  2. akong71

    akong71 Feb 21, 2023

    I would go right back to the AD and see if they can exchange the watch for a new one. Defective lume is not acceptable on a new TAG Heuer watch straight from an AD.

    Edit: how long ago did you purchase the watch? It looks quite well worn in the photo. Could be just lighting?
  3. Hubert

    Hubert TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member Feb 21, 2023

    In general, if the purchase was from a TH Boutique or an authorized dealer, they will likely ship it back to TH for the dial to be replaced. That said, it doesn't hurt to ask for a replacement, as the process can take 2-3 months.

    If I were on your shoes, I would call TH Customer Service and tell them your story.
  4. Mspeedster

    Mspeedster Feb 21, 2023

    Most ADs will exchange for a brand new replacement watch if you just bought it. Even if on a trip, the AD should be able to mail a replacement to you.