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What is the current Carrera Calibre 5 face color really like?

  1. Ringbee

    Ringbee May 21, 2023

    Hey folks,

    I am looking for a Carrera Calibre 5 with a bright but not totally white (kinda ivory) dial. But the dial of the current lineup WBN2011.FC6484 looks extremely silver and is also described as silver.

    When I compare it to different listings, e.g. this one (WAR211B.FC6181)

    or this one (WAR201B.FC6291)

    they appear very different than the current lineup.

    So I am asking the Carrera experts. Was there ever a model with an almost white dial and when did it change? Is it maybe an indicator for fake ones? Or is it just the image conditions? How different is the dial color of the current model compared to previous ones?
    Edited May 21, 2023
  2. Jim Dollares

    Jim Dollares May 21, 2023

    The current WBN is very much silver and perfectly beautiful with its silver perfection.

    The previous gen WAR that you linked are not silver, I have seen them a couple of times and those appear more cream white to me. They are just different generations and references of the three hander Carrera so a more white looking dial is no indicator of a fake.
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