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  1. eldorado

    eldorado Sep 25, 2023

    My Gen 3 seem to have died early August . The battery was lasting less and less and one day just went blank. I went on the charger and nothing happened.

    I called Tag Heuer and they said they would replace the battery. I sent it to the repair center in New Jersey mid August. Waited to hear from them for two weeks. Nothing. I called and they told me I’ll get an email next Monday with the explanation and repairs needed. They pulled the same nonsense four weeks in a row. I kept calling next week to hear the same story. The fifth time I called I went ballistic. A supervisor called back to tell me that my watch had finally been checked and the battery was at 74% and didn’t need replacement. No idea why it wasn’t charging here. I said that as long as it was there I would like the battery replaced. He gave me some resistance but finally agreed to do it. He told me very clearly that the watch would be wiped out to original condition and all downloaded programs and custom faces from Watchmaker would be gone. I said to go ahead anyway and then he said they would replace it at no charge to make up for my aggravation. He said it would take until the second week of October.

    Last week I got an email saying that the watch would be here early and it arrived today. It came back exactly on the same face that I last had on it with the same color, background and complications that I had set. All my Watchmaker faces were there. My Google account was still signed on. Nothing was wiped out.

    Was the battery really replaced and the supervisor ( if he was really a supervisor ) was wrong? Can you replace the battery and your settings remain in non-volatile memory? Is it the same battery and it wasn’t replaced? There was no old battery sent back to show me that they did replace it.

    What’s the truth here?
  2. neowatch

    neowatch Sep 27, 2023

    Changing the battery will NOT wipe the data on the watch. I’ve changed batteries on the E2 model and the watch content remains the same.