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    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Nov 30, 2014

    One of the more unusual vintage Heuers is the Temporada, a mid-priced chronograph launched in 1972. At the time, an automatic Skipper would have cost you $190, while the entry-level Easy-Rider was only $39.95. The Temporada was priced at $95.
    Heuer Temporada.jpg
    The unusual part of the Temporada was that the case was one-piece got to the movement by removing the bezel and crystal.
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    On top of this fibreglass case was a Gold-plated bezel (or chrome plated on other models). It's an interesting watch in that it's not low cost like the Easy-Rider. Take the movement for example- while the Easy-Rider uses a low-cost pin pallet movement by Ebauches Bettlach, the Temporada has a Heuer signed Valjoux 7733...very much a proper chronograph movement.

    The strange thing for me is that we don't see many of these watches around. There are plenty of the less-durable Easy-Riders around, but not that many Temporadas. The watch is similar in many ways to the Breitling Sprint- see below

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    While there were a batch of NOS Sprints sold a couple of years ago (at quite strong prices...), the Fibreglass Heuer has kind of...well, disappeared.
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