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    TAG Heuer Feb 15, 2015

    TAG Heuer launches two new TAG Heuer Carrera timepieces, each sporting a vintage look and the iconic Heuer logo. The new pieces capture the heritage of Heuer, and give it a unique and very modern twist. Their 39 mm cases are an ideal choice for stylish men and women.
    This new silver and blue three-hand piece, with a touch of red on the flange’s “60”, the HEUER logo and the second hand, looks like a colored tribute to the original 1963-Carrera design. The blue small second counter matches the blue vintage perforated leather strap. The HEUER logo on the clasp of the strap personifies the style up to the tiniest details.

    The silver, blue and red combination gives to this watch a very retro-trendy look. This three-hands is powered by the prestigious COSC-certified Calibre 6, with a power reserve of 44 hours and a beautiful decoration, “Côtes de Genève” on the oscillating mass.

    Eventually the glassbox makes its look more airy, more pure, truly in this vintage inspiration. Classic yet unconventional, the HEUER Carrera suits perfectly to those who appreciate standout design. Collectors and fashion lovers should go for it straight away.
    The vintage look and shape of this new black and silver chronograph, is also based on Jack Heuer’s Carrera design. That makes it look like the original two-counter Carrera of the sixties, a collector’s favorite with the black chronograph counter at nine o’clock and the second one at three. It is not a standard chronograph, it has a telemeter scale on the flange, an old tool imagined for military, to measure distance of artillery fire, based on the speed of sound. Why not using it during a thunderstorm to know how far from you it is? A unique feature in the recent TAG Heuer collections.

    The black perforated leather strap along with the shape of the push-buttons as well as the small 39 mm-dial enhance this retro taste. The clasp of the strap is signed by the engraved HEUER logo, making it unique up to the tiniest details. The dial is branded HEUER with the vintage logo, this special branding is a signature for a unique timepiece, a link between history and modernity. To go further on this vintage vibe, the movement is placed under a glassbox, making the whole design look thinner. The splendid caliber 18 can be admired thanks to the sapphire back-case. “Côtes de Genève”on the oscillating mass.

    An astonishing piece, both graphic and elegant, easy to wear for those who love vintage design!
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