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TAG Heuer CT1111 - replacement strap?

  1. BenRio

    BenRio Jan 4, 2024

    hi all,

    I've recently been gifted a black dial CT1111, and it's my first (and probably the last!) Tag I've owned. It was given to me by my Dad, and I have since sent it to Tag for a partial service. It now looks the bees-knees.

    However - the strap doesn't fit. I've removed and added links, and it is either too big or too small. The lack of a micro-adjustment option is not great.

    I'd love to keep the watch - I think it looks great, and has sentimental value. Is there a decent alternative strap to fit this particular watch, either metal or leather?
  2. Aquagraph

    Aquagraph Jan 4, 2024

    Hi Ben
    The short answer is no. I have the CT1113 and so I understand your frustration, there are no half links either. Sorry I can't give you better news...
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