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TAG Heuer celebrates Ayrton Senna with an important event organized with the Senna Family

  1. TAG Heuer

    TAG Heuer Dec 3, 2015

    TAG Heuer celebrates Ayrton Senna with an important event organized with the Senna Family.
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    For the occasion, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver on stage with an holographic representation of Ayrton Senna, to unveil for the first time in Brazil the “Senna special edition” watches.

    A special event with the presence of the Senna Family, Bruno & Bianca, remembering Ayrton’s passion for TAG Heuer watches. Ayrton’s gold beloved model – from the Swiss watch Museum - was also on display.

    The perfect occasion to celebrate the reinforcement of the TAG Heuer presence in Brazil, announcing new local partner Freddy Rabbat to redeploy the brand in the country.

    Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday December 2, 2015 – Yesterday evening, Avant-Garde Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer takes Sao Paulo by surprise by reviving Ayrton Senna on stage through a holographic representation during a press conference held at the Bienal.

    For the occasion, Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer CEO and President of the LVMH Watch Division came from Switzerland, to unveil for the first time in Brazil the “Senna Special Edition” watches, and announce the redeployment of TAG Heuer in the country, thanks to Freddy Rabbat, the new local partner of TAG Heuer in the region.

    This is the first official visit of Jean-Claude Biver as TAG Heuer’s CEO, demonstrating the importance of the region for the Swiss brand. He was extremely glad to see again the Senna’s family represented by Ayrton’s nephew and niece, motor racing driver Bruno and Bianca. Guests were welcomed by the famous Brazilian Sport TV host, Reginaldo Leme, close friend of Ayrton, who has commented all his races, and who brought some additional memories to the celebration.
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    Under the impulsion of Jean-Claude Biver who also knows well Viviane Senna, Ayrton’s sister and Bruno’s mother, TAG Heuer is proud to team up again with the Senna’s Family and create this special collection which will also support the Family’s Institute named after the tri times F1 champion.

    Jean-Claude Biver stated: “I’m very proud to reconnect TAG Heuer with Ayrton Senna who was very close to the brand. The Senna Special Edition watches will contribute to support the Senna’s family’s remarkable legacy and charitable work for the kids, because we believe that education is the best way for children to escape poverty, crime and their ghetto. Thanks to education, children can choose a job, make a living and start to get independent from their ghetto and from crime. I’m also proud to redeploy TAG Heuer in Brazil, thanks to our partner and friend Freddy Rabbat. The Brazilian market is very important for TAG Heuer as it represents one of the biggest potential for the brand. Not only because the market is huge, but also because Brazilians like the TAG Heuer style.
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    Ayrton Senna symbolized so many of the brand values: determination, innovation, love for speed, pushing boundaries…

    When the Brazilian Legend appeared on stage in classic racing attire, dressed in overalls and with his helmet held beneath his arm. The audience was dazzled. Using a sample of pre-existing audio, Ayrton glanced at his watch before addressing the audience:

    I just love racing. I just love the challenge of beating somebody else.”

    “When you are under a lot of pressure, the objective is to be the one that can put together the combination of aggression and calculation that will get the best result. And, more than anything, you need a very clear mind to understand exactly when to be aggressive and when to be calculating.

    “To win the championship, you need the combination of those elements.”
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    Ayrton was then joined on-stage by his nephew, who spoke about his memories of growing up with him. Bruno said: “I admire Ayrton so much because he was not only a great race car driver, but he was also an amazing human being. He was able to reach to people in so many different levels because he was a man with great values, integrity and determination.”

    Ayrton Senna's return to TAG Heuer also marked the reveal of the Senna Collection comprised of four new special-edition timepieces and new dedicated advertising campaign.

    Each watch features the famous stylized Senna ‘S’ in red lacquer, on the dial, case back and bezel, complete with a tachymeter scale, giving the timepiece real racing spirit and Senna’s performance touch. The iconic ‘Legend’ bracelet, with its S-shaped links, also makes a return – the same style worn by Ayrton but redesigned and rounded for optimum comfort.
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    Hubert TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member Dec 4, 2015