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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 "First Edition"

  1. mclarenvst

    mclarenvst Jul 27, 2022

    Hi there!

    I'm going to introduce myself a little bit: my name is Victor and I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I don't really know how to begin this thread, but I'm here to share and get as much information I can about my last purchase.

    As you can read in the title, I've bought what it looks to be the first edition of the TAG Heuer Carrera reference CAR2110, the one with the calibre 1887.

    Captura de pantalla 2022-07-27 a les 11.11.28.png

    As you would probably know, there were three "versions" of that reference: the first one with the tachymetre on the bezel, the second one without the tachymetre, and the final edition with the tachymetre inside the dial.

    So well, the one that I've acquired is the first one, in black.

    23998589-oo7f60x3fzzojra1xcvii0bq-ExtraLarge 2.jpg

    The story is that I was looking for a TAG Heuer Carrera because a few months ago I sold my Carrera Calibre 16 reference CV2010, and I miss it so much. That Carrera had been always my favourite watch ever, and I absolutely regretted that trade, so I wanted to get a "new" one. It was during the search that I thought "why not to get a different reference with the same look?". This is how I ended looking for the Calibre 1887. I remembered all the history about this calibre, the patent of Seiko and all the stuff, but I've always believed that it was a very good movement, and I totally understood the policy of TAG Heuer regarding the 1887. In my opinion, what they did was totally legitimate, and the 1887 matches the definition of what it is a manufacture/in-house movement.

    Leaving the topic of the 1887, I started my search for the CAR2110. This was my choice, but I still was not very sure if I preferred the version 2 or the version 3...(the one with the tachymetre in the dial, or without it?). This was the doubt, because I had understood that the first edition was only a first prototype that TAG Heuer showed in the Baselworld 2010, but it was never made into production. These were my beliefs... until I saw it in Chrono24.

    So I began to search more information about it. I remembered the different posts about this reference in I followed the news about the Calibre 1887 back then in 2010, and I read all the articles that David wrote in, but unfortunately the website is not available anymore.

    Luckily, I thought that it could be the possibility to read again these articles with the help of, where you can see how old websites were in the past, or how it was a web that is not longer online. It worked.

    So I read the interview that David did to Jean-Christophe Babin again, and my thoughts were confirmed:

    More or less, I remembered it right, although I couldn't remember the exact details. I searched for more information in different forums and websites, in order to contrast these facts, but nowhere I found it as detailed as it was in

    So based on that information, the first version of the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 with the tachymetre on the bezel was showed in the Baselworld in March of 2010, but it never made into production. The second version without the tachymetre and little aesthetic modifications in the dial started production two months later, in May, and it had a limited release, as it was available only in certain countries. And the third version, with the tachymetre and more significant aesthetic changes inside the dial, made into production in October of the same year. This was, of course, the final version.

    Knowing all this information, I considered that the watch was, in fact, rare. Rare enough to take the risk to get it. So I did a few more checks on the watch and the seller, and I finally decided to go for it. And here I am.

    Does any of you know more info about it? Is it possible that during those two months between version 1 and 2 of the watch, TAG Heuer managed to sell some models even though it never went into production?

    PS: Sorry for the long thread, it wasn't my intention to do it as long. But if you've made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed my little story on the watch in question. And excuse my English! I know it's not very good and for sure I have made quite a few mistakes. I sincerely apologize for it!

    PPS: I miss
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  2. imagwai

    imagwai Jul 27, 2022

    That bezel actually looks really good with the black dial. I'd not seen it before. I can't really help, but what did the seller say about the watch and where it came from? Strange he has one if it never made it into production?
  3. mclarenvst

    mclarenvst Jul 27, 2022

    The photos don't do it justice! It looks much prettier in person :)

    I bought it in a boutique that is specialised in rare watches, as they advertise themselves. This was important when buying it, because it gave me the tranquility that it was authentic, since I was a little afraid that it could be a replica. I don't know the origin, I guess that probably TAG Heuer sold a few of them during these 2 months... Or maybe it was a display model that some boutique owned and sold.

    This is what I would like to know, if someone has the same model, or if someone knows if TAG Heuer even sold this same model before they started to produce the version 2. I don't remember if it happened in other watches from TAG Heuer or from another brand, but I remember reading a case like this one in the past, where some display models were sold and they were a little bit different than the final version.