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  1. JAMIE1989

    JAMIE1989 Oct 14, 2023

    Hi all,

    I hope you’re all having a splendid day.

    I’m hoping for some insight / advice.

    I’ve recently had my battery replaced on my CAC111D as the digital display was flashing. This was replaced by the person I brought it from on ebay as they service these watches also.

    I’ve hd the watch back for a few weeks and noticed the digital display is still flashing (hadn’t noticed whether this was straight away)

    now I’ve looked online and in the manuals it suggest there is usually an icon on screen with flashing to suggest EOL.

    I don’t see this icon, so I’m trying to understand if this flashing could be related to something else that I don’t yet understand.

    I’m hoping someone on here has experience with these watches.

    I should note the flashing is intermittent and will flash for a while and then suddenly stop, I haven’t timed how long it flashes for and how long it remains solid for, not sure if this would be helpful information…

    thanks in advance for any help