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TAG Heuer 980.023 crystal retaining ring replacement

  1. 28A

    28A Jan 9, 2024

    Hi everyone,

    I have acquired a 980.023 TH 1000m diver and have given it to my watchmaker for an overhaul. Unfortunately he discovered that the crystal retaining ring was possibly cross threaded, or simply manged prior to reinstallation. He did manage to get it removed and under a loupe the case threads appear okay but the retaining ring is absolutely buggered. It isn't flat, the threads are okay under loupe but the ring is a bit wonky. Would anyone have any advice on a replacement ring, or perhaps someone has a spare mid case and retaining ring they would offer to sell. The dial, hand set and bezel are fantastic. It is unfortunate that the retaining ring is holding up my restoration. I am reluctant to buy an entire second watch just for parts, however i am aware that the dial and hands would also suit a 980.006 (jumbo) and likely would be able to recoup funds if i went that route but i'd rather not at this stage.

    Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.