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  1. c1887

    c1887 Sep 2, 2016

    Hi there,
    1st post - my name is Niko from Germany - just got my first TAG (Carrera 43mm Chrono Cal 1887) about 4 weeks ago. Love the watch and carrying daily (also to support break-in).
    I have a couple of questions regarding the 1887 caliber and thought this is the best place to post them ;-)

    I don't really understand what the little screw (right side of the picture, just above the balance wheel bearing) does. Does it fix the stud against accidental movement?

    On my movement that screw is further right than on the picture, only half of it is on the plate...should this be cause of concern?
    Am I right to assume that the adjustment itself is done by moving the regulator (at 5 o'clock pos in picture above), clockwise for accelerating and counter-clockwise for decelerating? (not that I want to do it, just want to understand the movement)

    I have the watch now for 4 weeks, it's running very stable at +5s/day on my arm (max delta between positions 2.4sec according to timing machine). At some point I'd like to have it adjusted to +1...+2s/d (same level my 7753-based Wempe Zeitmeister Chronometer). I understand the TAG watchmakers by default adjust the watches to run slightly fast from factory as they are expected to slow down a little. As I have not found any info on that specific to the 1887 calibre, I wanted to ask you guys for your personal experience...when is the right time for a fine adjustment (I dont want to discuss the usefulness of having a mechanical watch regulated close to zero ;-) , just want to get the best out of my watch).

    Thanks in advance for any insight and a happy weekend to all!

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  2. Hubert

    Hubert TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member Sep 2, 2016

    Welcome Niko, very precise questions. Hopefully someone in the forum might be able to address some of the ones pertaining to the 1887 movement.

    As you mentioned, I have noticed that indeed all my new TAG Heuers run "fast" from origin and over time they tend to settle in. I have my automatics in watch winders and from time-to-time I have to resync them to matching times. I personally have not done direct adjustments to the watches, as I don't want to take any chances risking their warranties. My personal strategy has been to get them adjusted on their first service. This year I sent two of my automatics for service to TAG Heuer and asked them to do just that.

    Congratulations on your timepiece!
  3. c1887

    c1887 Sep 5, 2016

    Hi Hubert,
    thanks for the warm welcome and info. Hope to get some more insight from the 1887 experts out here :)