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  1. NYED

    NYED Nov 2, 2022

    Ok. I know this may sounds silly or insignificant but I’ll ask anyway. Some of the red ln the lettering on my Indy 500 commemorative is worn off. Any ideas how to have it redone. It’s not worth sending to tag and waiting months. Thanks
  2. imagwai

    imagwai Nov 2, 2022

    I've not tried it on a watch, but I've used Tamiya acrylic paint to refurbish and put a new colour scheme on a putter. I used a plastic bottle with a fine needle applicator to get the paint into the letters and then you clean up gently with a bit of acetone on a soft cloth afterwards (careful not to damage any existing paint fill!)
    I've not idea if this approach would work as well with a watch bezel but I don't see why not. I'm sure it would be a bit more fiddly of course and you'd need a really fine applicator needle. If you can't find Tamiya model paint then nail varnish in the right shade can work too. Perhaps search YouTube for a how to video?
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