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  1. HolgerB

    HolgerB Jul 1, 2023

    Hi all,
    I'm following this forum for some time, without actively post. Now I'm seeking now for your opinion on my Carrera 110.573. I've purchased it 2012 through the Internet from a dealer in Germany for a very decent price (no box no papers). It did not got to much wrist time which I'd like to change now. Therefor I want to get it serviced and I noticed (I knew it already at the time of the purchase, but taking it into consideration again now) some things where I'm not sure how to proceed.

    - The crown has no HEUER logo.
    - The case has no serial number (between the lugs or elsewhere)
    - The movement parts are mostly silver and not brass. Also the caliber number "12" on the bridge looks like it was hammered in later.

    - The dial is in good shape and matching all reference pictures I could find. Sunburst looks is great in sunlight
    - The barrel case is also in good shape with minimal scratches.
    - The pushers look good and correct too (having the correct shape)
    - The bracelet matches to all the reference pictures I could find as well
    - The back has the "Heuer Leonidas SA" engravement inside, as it's found from the references

    I don't think that the watch is a fake, but it's also not matching the reference pictures e.g. as seen at OTD or other sources. My best guess is that the watch was repaired at some time ago and at least the crown was replaced. The movement is the biggest riddle to me. I don't find any pictures of a silver based caliber 12. Have you ever heard of a replacement calibre of that type? Also the absence of the number is a mystery to me, can a case be polished and the number be cleaned out in the process? Can it be a "Frankewatch" by repair?

    I see two options for me:
    1. get it serviced at my local watchmaker and get only the crown replaced and enjoy it as it is
    2. get it for service to a heuer specialist in Germany or Belgium, (or even to the factory) for a more decent analysis on the Serial number and the calibre. Then decide what shall be done ?

    Here are some pictures:
    IMG_2076-1.jpg HZ6_5048-3.jpg P1040049-5.jpg P1040059-7.jpg HZ6_5055-4.jpg P1040047-1.jpg P1040053-1.jpg HZ6_5051-1.jpg

    BTW, the crown and the colour of the movement I noticed already, when I purchased it. I assume it was already priced in that time, as it was still a good deal and I did not bothered about it that time.

    Looking forward to your opinion on this watch and what you'd recommend.

    Cheers from Germany
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  2. SteveP

    SteveP Jul 11, 2023

    Hi Holger-nice Carrera! I think you are right in most you say. It looks like the crown was replaced at some point and, sadly, the serial has been polished off too. The movement is a re-purposed cal 11-which is why the '11' has been overstamped '12' in the circle. it was quite commonly done on Heuers but not necessarily one as late as this so this may not be the original movement.

    Sure it would be nice to have a Heuer crown but it's not the end of the world. As there is no serial there is little point sending it to TAG as they will be unlikely to tell you anything more about it. As long as your local watchmaker is confident in these types of movement (as not all are) you could give them a try first?
    Best, Steve
  3. HolgerB

    HolgerB Jul 23, 2023

    Thanks Steve for your view on the movement. I think I'll go for a normal service with the local watchmaker and get the crown replaced. He already stated he's fine with that.

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  4. paysdoufs

    paysdoufs Aug 7, 2023

    Hi @HolgerB - I happen to own the exact same model and am a little bit jealous of your original bracelet. IMHO, that’s not all that common…

    @SteveP has already expertly answered most of your questions. The only point I can add is that based on the photos it would indeed seem that the case has been polished at some point in time - I believe the transitions between the sunray upper and polished flanks should be sharper than that. So this would be when you lost your serial and reference number… But @abcoro would be the expert to comment on that.
    Edited Aug 7, 2023
  5. Davidt

    Davidt Aug 10, 2023

    Are you saying you want to sell/part ex this against another watch?
    If so, I wouldn’t bother doing anything to it. Whatever you spend on servicing etc you almost certainly won’t recoup in your sale price. I’d simply sell as is and focus on the next watch.