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New to the Connected Watch world E4 Golf Edition delivering today

  1. Matt rockwood

    Matt rockwood Apr 12, 2022

    Good day all,

    In not new to the luxury watch game but Im new to this connected world. I'm just looking for some nebie advices on this equipment. Mainly on screen burn and charging techniques to extend the life of the battery. I will be receiving this today ill post some pics of the packaging and the unboxing.

    Im sure the knowledge on here is vast so any words of advise would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. neowatch

    neowatch Apr 12, 2022

    Welcome and congratulations, if using always on display , then cycle your watch faces frequently, maybe even everyday to avoid screen burn. Simply charge every night , I always charged my gen 1 and 2 to 100% and the batteries are still going strong after 6 and 4 years.
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