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  1. Senna5

    Senna5 Feb 27, 2015

    Hi, Just wondering at what point did Tag officially start appearing on watch faces for good.
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    the case back is marked 980.033 which came out in 1984, yet the face has just the Heuer branding on it. I have seen a 980.013 N from 1982 with the TAG Heuer branding.
    Can anybody clarify?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Feb 27, 2015

    Hi. Here are a couple of important dates:
    - 29 June 1985: TAG announces the acquisition of Heuer from Piaget/ Nouvelle Lemania
    - 1 January 1986: Deal is completed and the name changes to TAG-Heuer (later TAG Heuer)

    Legally, TAG Heuer didn't exist until 1 January 1986, so there will be no watches using the TAG Heuer name before this date.

    But, not all watches made after 1 January 1986 have the TAG Heuer logo. Given the parlous financial state of the company, TAG Heuer would have used all existing parts that were in stock, even those branded Heuer. It's not uncommon to see a watch with a TAG Heuer dial and a Heuer logo- these are genuine.

    It's impossible to say when the supply of Heuer parts ran out- but surely anything after say 1988/89 would be unusual.