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How Often Do You Encounter Counterfeit Pieces?

  1. Jacobparinella

    Jacobparinella Aug 29, 2023

    I want to hear if anyone encounters them as often as I do. I often go pawn and garage sale shopping and in the past two weeks alone, I have encountered 2 very obviously fake Tags. I see more fake Tags than any other higher end watch brand, and I'm curious to see if anyone shares the same experience as me.
  2. dtf

    dtf Aug 29, 2023

    Very common at garage sales, but usually obvious, poor quality fakes from the 90s. The fake WAY series are common on eBay, I wouldn’t buy a WAY Aquaracer on eBay (or chrono24 really) because the fakes are so good I don’t know if I’d spot it in time.
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  3. YG_Rulz

    YG_Rulz Aug 29, 2023

    Here also, Rolex leads the pack when it comes to fake watches. Aquaracers are the most common fake TAG watches out there. Its almost never a good idea to buy an AR from anywhere other than an authorised TAG dealer. The quality of fakes is improving also with serial numbers being cloned which give the false impression of a genuine watch. Other than fakes, another problem is stolen watches. I've been stuck with 2 stolen Monacos within the last 12 months, but thankfully been able to get my money back both times. Stolen watches are of course more difficult to identify since these are real ones and need a few additional checks.
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