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How Much Can I Sell My Tag For?

  1. Austin737

    Austin737 Apr 12, 2020

    Hello all, new member here. Trying to get rid of stuff in my house that I don't use anymore. I was given a Tag Heuer Link years ago that I am trying to sell on the private market (thinking eBay) and wanted to see if anyone could suggest a price. I found prices online, but the person who gave it to me had diamonds added to the bezel. I believe this was done aftermarket and, not being a diamond or jewelry expert, am unsure of how much value this adds to the watch. I found a shop in Philly that does this work and it is not a cheap add on. Overall, the watch is in good condition. Photos are included. The watch is also my avatar. Thank you.

    Model#: WJ1113-0
    IMG_1784[1].jpg IMG_1786[1].jpg IMG_1787[1].jpg