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  1. vic2664

    vic2664 May 24, 2020

    Perfect Heuer Autavia 1163V with immaculate dial, plexi and bezel. Accompanied by the expertise and paperwork of Abel Court, the world’s leading expert on vintage Heuer. Just carried out complete service of movement, case, push buttons and crown.
    It mounts an extraordinary “Beads of rice” bracelet by Gay Freres and is accompanied by a black leather strap with original Heuer buckle. Comes with guarantee on movement and functions until february 2022. Requested price is €5.850 + shipping. Please note the watch is in Italy.
    6D546832-9CDF-42EC-BBB9-23C37BB27FD4.jpeg C196C939-8A4F-4F21-9083-C8205F3EA55B.jpeg ADBB217B-E49C-41E1-A74B-AF4CE385B9EC.jpeg E0656BE6-B141-46D1-866D-AF004269170F.jpeg 836E6C5F-DEB6-4C36-841B-961F8A0ADD14.jpeg 359EBDFF-350A-43DA-B409-5804A72F2708.jpeg 362A1296-21E0-42DB-AD45-0E10C3A09595.jpeg 28900E5F-9A2C-4957-87E8-946867F1E398.jpeg CF5F29C3-F63D-49A6-BAB8-001BE8357E13.jpeg 8338EA63-DEA6-4ACF-A61C-A0E0877BFB7A.jpeg 722AA970-CEC0-450B-B8D2-BC302C2CCB2A.jpeg 05BAEF03-04EA-40C6-9E64-F83B933C5B4A.jpeg 54773BEF-DDD3-43B8-BE9A-EB7BC60E80BD.jpeg DFFC767A-949A-4429-B417-15954865C63A.jpeg 11F98195-E69A-48C0-A799-0461C23C5471.jpeg
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