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  1. silverfighter

    silverfighter Aug 24, 2022

    Hi guys!

    Long time browser, first time poster.

    I'm looking to make my first venture into the vintage Heuer world and have stumbled upon a nice Heuer 7721 Panda dial that I was hoping to request some advice on.

    I know some of the basics on the background of this model - a chrome-plated, economy version of the Heuer chronographs released in the 1960's - but was looking for some guidance from the forum on a few things before jumping into anything:

    1. Overall I've found it relatively hard to find any previously or currently listed comparable versions of this watch online in order to benchmark the price. The piece I'm currently looking at is listed for around 4,000 euro, which seems somewhat steep to me. However, does anyone have a view as to what a "fair value" might be for this model?

    2. From the 7721's I have seen online - they seem to vary a lot in terms of condition but usually skew to the downside - often a bit dinged up (particularly given the chrome casing) with some dial deterioration. Overall I don't think the one I've found is in bad nick, all things considered, but if anyone has a view on the condition it's in and what impact that might have on the value - it would be much appreciated.

    3. I'm a sucker for lume plots on vintage pieces. Unfortunately in this model the lume plots seem to have deteriorated a decent bit, and are missing at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions. Is this pretty normal for these models? Is this also something which should be accounted for in the value?

    Any input or guidance would be highly appreciated! Thanks all.