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  1. Roger F

    Roger F Apr 6, 2021

    1C1C7527-D2DA-4FCD-ADD9-9862627C0A62.jpeg F5B73200-A519-4CA6-B7E2-6F636E4ADA24.png 275E5525-980E-4F5A-9D6C-2A30EA740A34.jpeg Hi
    Sorry if I’m sounding a bit like a broken record but... I’m trying to locate 3rd execution hands for a project and it would be a huge help if someone could help with the dimensions
    I’m pretty sure they are 2mm wide but length and diameter of centre to fit cal12 are eluding me
    If anyone can help that would be fantastic!
    Or you may be sitting on a pair and if so could we chat?
    Here is the goal and hands I’m looking for
    Also on late 1153n and some 73653 I think
    722BF374-0B45-4E1E-A56A-9B7FFFCDC5EF.jpeg 9D1D7EFB-DE8E-40DE-A97D-483C3A4C2FF1.jpeg