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Help finding parts for Monaco CW2113

  1. Gio Salvador

    Gio Salvador Nov 15, 2023

    Hello TH community,

    This being my very first post, please bear with me regarding the forum's guidelines and TCs.

    I have been unfortunate enough to have the stem snap when trying to pull the crown to adjust the hour. Most certainly will have to replace both the stem and the crown (given the fact that part of the stem is lodged inside the crown and will be very hard to remove it) on my Tag Heuer Monaco CW2113 from 2005.

    I have been working on my watches for many years, normally I find it straight forward to purchase original parts for other models and brands, but with this particular model I'm having quite a bit of trouble trying to find the stem and crown.

    Could someone please advise where I can find a parts catalogue for this watch model in particular (or perhaps you know the part numbers?) and where I can potentially get the parts from?

    Thank you.
    All the best!