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  1. tomba

    tomba Jan 28, 2020

    Hello fellow TAG / HEUER owners and enthusiasts.
    My late father was a collector of vintage / retro pocketwatches and watches and amongst his collection he had a "well used" Heuer Carrera which he used to wear and which I think is 3rd Generation "Barrel" case, Calibre 12 or 15 movement with a Cotes De Geneve dial?
    Possibly a Carrera 1158CHN but the dial is different in that the "12 noon" is a single point and the "9" and "3" do not have luminous dots but a straight black line instead? The case is slightly dented in several small areas showing how soft the gold metal is and the glass face is damaged.
    The black second-hand sweeps majestically and silently and is wound up by wrist movement apparently.
    It has a MONTAL rolled gold band strap (not original I'm guessing).
    2020-01-28 12.14.56.jpg
    I would be grateful if anyone could advise what "model"/ year etc. or whether they are aware of others still in existence?
    Many thanks - photo attached.
    2020-01-28 12.11.39.jpg
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  2. abrod520

    abrod520 Jan 28, 2020

    It is a barrel-case Carrera, reference 110.515CHN (not an 1158CHN which was an earlier model). But this does have an automatic Caliber 12 movement. These barrel-cased Carreras date to the mid-‘70s. Probably 74 or 75
    Edited Jan 29, 2020
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  3. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Jan 28, 2020

    Nice find. This would look great after a little TLC, maybe on a black strap
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  4. tomba

    tomba Jan 30, 2020

    Many thanks for your research and answer abrod520. I should have paid more attention when my father was setting up his watches / clocks / pocketwatches ans working on them and should have asked him to tell me where / when he bought them etc.
    Just saw a programme about Nicholas Parsons and the Breguet Marie Antoinette pocketwatch and I now understand my father's fascination with the internals of timepieces!
    Thanks again.
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