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FS: Limited edition UAE Autavia tropical panda dial FULL SET

  1. wctherbert

    wctherbert Jul 18, 2022

    Limited edition of 150 pieces, sold exclusively in the UAE. Tropical panda dial with authentic camel strap. Full set, including original purchase receipt. Excellent condition, carefully worn by a collector. Sapphire caseback. Heuer 02 in-house movement features column wheel with vertical clutch, power reserve of 80hrs.

    Ben Clymer of HODINKEE gushed over this piece:

    $6400, shipping included. Buyer responsible for customs. Happy to answer questions or provide more info.
    F68FEA01-5A9C-41D9-A762-416BE7787AFD.jpeg B6DCBCF5-57A6-4F48-9699-4E60F645C245.jpeg 8586CF4E-4D3F-402F-8EDA-FD021DF5BBEB.jpeg
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