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Eighties 2000 Series 962.213R Back Gasket size?

  1. 2000S

    2000S Aug 26, 2016


    Back in the Eighties I brought a Tag 2000 series from 'Watches of Switzerland' in Birmingham,(UK).
    Every time the Battery died I took it back pay 25 Quid and waited an hour or so and they fitted the new battery, reseal etc

    Year's later; I am living in upstate NY, with my Family and the local jewelers won't touch my watch and the only Tag Heuer authorized shop wanted $60 and would send my watch away for a week+ to change a $3 battery.!
    At this point I purchased the a Jaxa Type Watch Case Back Opener and changed the battery myself.
    Having done this a few times I really think I should replace the back gasket. I have the silicon gasket grease but I cannot find the Gasket size anywhere on the internet?
    I believe the case size is 35mm...

    When you have recovered from the abuse I have heaped upon my poor old Tag ;), If you could help with a gasket size and advise on a reputable source I and my log suffering watch would be very grateful!

    Thank you and Best regards,


    tag1.jpg tag3.jpg tag2.jpg
  2. imagwai

    imagwai Aug 27, 2016

    Afraid I can't help with the gasket size. Just wanted to point out there might be other gaskets to replace, e.g. crown, if you are attempting to waterproof the watch. That and a pressure test would be advised if you are going to submerge the watch.
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  3. automobilia42

    automobilia42 Aug 28, 2016

    Just as imagwai says, the pressure test is mandatory, and I would definitely replace the crown gasket too, as by looking at your watch its age it will be close to deterioration right now, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it will be like some black chewing gum instead of a rubber gasket it once was...try another watchmaker who will replace the gaskets for you and do the pressure test after that, best money spend in my opinion, succes!