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  1. Dan eras

    Dan eras Apr 2, 2024

    Hi there. I am new to the forum. Had lots of tag Heuer s on my history, starting with a 1500 full size granite dial that I still miss.

    Now I had kept a carrera reissue cv2111. But unfortunately it does not have the sapphire glass. Any one has found a cheaper alternative? Every time I search it's always, sorry go to the tag service and spend on the world most expensive sapphire replacement crystal.

    Thank you for reading. And presentation, my name is Daniel, I am in Colombia, 44 yo. Have had three F1 (including a Chrono) of the 90s one, aforementioned 1500. 3 2000 series, two aquaracers (one three hands the other Chrono), a twin time. Actually just have the cv2111 and a 4000 midsize