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  1. stanley_TH

    stanley_TH Jul 28, 2015

    Hi guys;
    over the year I collected a very few heuer vintage watches due to the looks (I really like the autavias and some of the vintage carreras). Turns out that the vintage pieces grew significantly price wise, as my watch maker told me recently. So I looked it up in on the interwebs and saw that the prices indeed are "high".

    I am thinking of selling the vintage pieces and buy some of the recent Tag Heuer models (relaunch Autavia and RS) as I really like wearing the watches and the watchmaker told me to tresure my mini-collection as it is more and more diffcult to get replacement pieces, etc.

    I would like to check the market value of the following pieces for the European market (including my estimated min. value after looking at the market) before putting them on sale on chrono24 and Ebay (arround christmas I suppose):

    Autavia Cal. 15 with black dial (slight fading), with Heuer GMT bracelet => min. 2.500€ (great condition)

    Autavia 11630 (orange/yellow collour almost completly faded to white), with Heuer GMT bracelet => min. 2.000€ (great condition)

    Carrera 1969 with brown dial (I guess it was blue before as i never saw a brown dial on this model) with complete heuer rice grain bracelet => min 3.500€ (never serviced/polished and still accurate)

    Carrera 1974 (110.515) with complete original golden heuer bracelett => NO IDEA ... last one I saw was sold in Poland for almost 5.000USD with no strap and visibly used condition ... mine is near to new/mint. ... so 5.000€ should be "ok" though I think this is way over the top...

    Thanks for your resonces in advance and sorry for my English!

  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Jul 29, 2015

    Hi Stanley,

    Please check this link which should help:

    Do you have some photos to tempt us?? ;)