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  1. faithfulldog

    faithfulldog Apr 8, 2019

    All of a sudden in the last 10 days, every morning when I take my Connected 45 off charge it shows disconnected. My iPhone with Wear OS sleeps right next to it on charge as well. The only way to start my day is to do a restart. I find this terribly annoying for an expensive timepiece. Any one else having same issues? Factory resets have been done, un pair and re pair all to no avail.
  2. Albert-AMG

    Albert-AMG TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member Apr 8, 2019

    One of the new features of the last System H update is the “deep sleep mode” of the watch. When the watch is out of your wrist (and you don’t touch it) more than around 30 minutes, it’s disconnected from bluetooth and goes to black screen to save battery. When you wear the watch again, it’s automatically “screen on” and “BT connected” very quickly.

    In fact the connectivity of my CM45 has improved a lot since System H was installed. Now, if my iPhone and watch are out of their BT area, the BT connection comes automatically very quick as soon as they are close again... and it was not so easy before System H (when BT connection was lost, sometimes it was necessary to restart watch or phone to connect again. I don’t have this issue since System H)

    But my daily routine is different: I switch off and remove the watch from the charger every night (with battery around 75%), and put it on the charger when I wake up, which is enough to charge it up to 100% before I leave home (I think it’s not so good for battery health to keep the watch all night switched on and charging)

    My iPhone is also switched off or in flight mode during the night. (I switch it off at least every 3-4 days, because BT is not working properly if you don’t switch off the device after many days)

    When I remove the watch (already at 100%) from the charger, and I switch on BT and launch Wear OS app in the iPhone, the connection is much better than it was before System H, and it’s now really quick and at first attempt, 100% of the days.

    Maybe with your daily routine, the sleeping mode of the watch goes really deep... ::confused2::

    Maybe you could try my routine to check if that improves your connectivity experience
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