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  1. neowatch

    neowatch Apr 24, 2022

    After 6 years of using this model it would be nice to know how others have assessed this model. I’d like to know -

    is your watch still alive ?
    Screen problems ?
    Battery problems ?
    Any other issues ?

    For me, After approx 700 charges the watch and battery are still working well.
    Around 56,000 gen 1’s were made in total , quite a small amount. I wonder how many are still in use ?
    Unfortunately screens and battery spares are near impossible to find.
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  2. connected1976

    connected1976 Apr 24, 2022


    my gen one was bought in June 2016, it has suffered some setbacks, I had to change the screen, I think I bought the last two screens available in the world (the first one they sent me didn't work)

    for the rest it works very well, yesterday I loaded an 80 mb WM face without any problem the battery life is very acceptable, considering that since 2016 it has been charged almost every day, with normal use one day it lasts, if I use it a lot it does not last all day, using it with the same face as WM and using it alone clock I can reach almost two days, but without touching it.(I mean leave it charged in its box without using it but on)

    It has some other modification, unofficial strap and unofficial outer ring as well.

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