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  1. Parapete

    Parapete Oct 21, 2019

    Hi guru’s,
    I’ve just become the owner of a connected 45, I have some issues that I’d love some assistance with.
    I need a second hand that displays for a minimum of 1 minute for my work but every watch face I seem to find the second hand lasts for 10seconds maximum, then the face goes to sleep. The sleep face does not have a second hand (I have tried changing this with no success). Any advice or guidance please?

    And! For the life of me I can not connect to my WiFi via the wear app or the watch. I’ve tried all sorts of troubleshooting as per tag Heuer website and google! What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks everyone, apologies if these are dumb questions!
  2. Albert-AMG

    Albert-AMG TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member Oct 21, 2019

    Hi, welcome, and congratulations for your new TH Connected Modular 45! :thumbsup:

    If you are using WatchMaker faces, just go to the settings of the WatchMaker app on the watch, then go to “Keep Watch Awake”, and then select 60 seconds or 120 seconds options

    If you are not using WatchMaker app, and you wear just the TH factory installed faces, then you can install the StayLit Wear app on your watch, and then you will be able to adjust the time on bright mode of the faces up to 5 minutes


    Try to connect the watch to WiFi while it’s on the charger (this will switch ON the WiFi connection of the watch, even when it’s bluetooth connected to your phone): Go to the watch settings, then to Connectivity, then to Wi-Fi, and then try to add your WiFi net
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