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  1. KAJ

    KAJ Apr 15, 2020

    Hello Everyone,

    I have recently fallen victim to the vintage Heuer bug and bought my first few watches: A Bund and a Camaro.

    The Bund is in beautiful condition and runs like a champ.

    The Camaro also runs pretty well, however, has the following 2 issues (as can be seen in the attached picture):

    1) The upper pusher is missing:
    I have looked online and can't seem to find a replacement. If anyone could help me with the correct pusher size/measurement I would be happy to order a generic pusher from Cousins in the UK, until I can find an original one..

    2) The crown that came with the watch seems too large, so I will have to find the correct one to replace it with. I have found differing information on the correct crown size for the Camaro, some say 6.5mm and some say 6.7mm (diameter).

    If anyone can help me with the correct measurements or point me in the direction of someone who does, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,