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  1. sixfiveoh

    sixfiveoh Sep 12, 2023

    I purchased a carrera with what I understood to be the automatic winding mechanism missing. The watch ran as a manual wind, but the automatic movement did not work. You could hear what I assume to be the rotor whacking around inside when moving your wrist.

    When dropping the watch off for service, I provided a diagram of a calibre 15 with a list of parts & Part numbers with eBay listings that I could identify as missing as a starting point.

    4 weeks later I received a call from the watchmaker’s office saying that there actually aren’t parts missing, that there are different versions of this movement and the diagram I provided differed from mine. They are still “looking into it” but all that’s clear right now is a mainspring is needed.

    I feel like this is painfully obvious though? Below is a picture of my movement provided by the seller, followed by a typical calibre 15. The micro rotor is straight up connected to nothing on mine. I’m confused how this can be attributed to it being a different version of the movement. Just trying to get a sanity check here- I responded with these pictures asking for them to clarify with the watchmaker.

    my movement:


    calibre 15 I found online:


    Any experts on this movement?
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  2. SteveP

    SteveP Sep 13, 2023

    Certainly not an expert but I'm with you on this. Unless they're removed parts for servicing it seems that mechanism is missing. I'm not aware of any variations in the Cal 15 movement. I do know I wouldn't trust 'any old' watchmaker to work on one though as I've had issues in the past with a distinct lack of knowledge on these chrono movements....:unsure: