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  1. Renat1992

    Renat1992 Feb 9, 2019

    Hi everyone!

    I have already raised this topic, but after studying additional materials I would like to clarify once again some issues:

    As I noted before, when my THCM goes into a dimmed mode, after some time background watch face becomes slightly shadowed around the edges by black frame (you can see this on the photo). It is important to note that watch face is exactly shadowed in some parts of the screen, it is not slightly moved from time to time as designed by Image Burn-in protection (you can see on the video how it should be:

    And it is interesting to note that with the previous system version watch face was moving in dimmed mode. Now with new system H I don’t notice this.

    I have also looked into developer settings and find out that burn-in protection disabled. But when I try to enable it, TH requests a reboot. After rebooting it still stay disabled.

    Do I understand correctly that watch screen is not really protected from burn-in?

    What are your observations on this issue?

    Thanks for any help!