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An early 1960's Rally-Master with real rally pedigree

  1. ..aape

    ..aape Aug 16, 2023

    Hi all - I happened to find this Rally-Master in one of my boxes and am currently wondering what to do with it.

    The piece belonged to my father who used it at least twice in scrutineering in the Monte Carlo Rally [1966 and 1967]. In addition to that he used it in some of the races he competed in in Finland.

    The piece is in immaculate condition [my father always did that] and I am wondering if I'll be able to find anyone who's interested in equipping their vintage sports car with this instead of it sitting in my cupboard.
    IMG_2872.jpg IMG_2873.jpeg IMG_2874.jpeg IMG_2877.jpeg
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  2. matthew_VA

    matthew_VA Aug 16, 2023

    WOW! The patina of the lume plots is stunning! Very nice rally-master, with a cool history.
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