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“Left-Handed” Game-Master (502.050)

  1. jtsmith509

    jtsmith509 Apr 3, 2021

    Hello All!

    I’m relatively new to watches, and to Heuer specifically. But I just purchased a Heuer Game-Master 502.05. However, the seller claimed (and it appears) to be a “left-hand” model, with the mechanics on the right side of the case, rather than the left.

    I’m left-handed, and I just got a car for which I wanted a vintage stopwatch. But there’s not a lot of info on the Game-Master, and I can’t find anything on so-called “left-hand” models.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
    1C49D0CD-D75A-42CF-8498-B0B959C71F50.jpeg 19417206-7FB2-483B-BFC4-0A9694AD5A8C.jpeg
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