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The Vintage Heuer Year in Review- Your 2014 Highlights

  1. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Dec 19, 2014

    So, as we get towards the end of the year, what are your reflections on 2014? Inspired by a similar topic over at ΩF, what are your highlights for 2014? Let's tackle in in three parts:

    1. The hits: It might be a new watch that you saw, or maybe one that you've bought. Maybe it was an event?
    2. The Misses: Disappointed by something? Miss on on a eBay deal? Regret selling a watch?
    3. Crystal Ball: What are you expecting/ hoping/ predicting for 2015?

    Let's keep the vintage Heuer review in this board, and I'll start another one in the TAG Heuer forum.

    So, for me:

    1. The Hits
    - The continuing growth in appreciation for 60s and 70s Heuers by the watch community at large- yes, this does have downsides too (mainly increase in prices), but EVERYONE knows about Heuer now
    - The Jack Heuer biography and the accompanying film were the perfect way to recognise and celebrate Jack Heuer's career and contribution. If you haven't had the chance to read/ see the biography, make sure you do over Christmas at the links above
    - The continuing diversification of Heuer collecting. Instagram has seen an explosion of interest, at the expense of Tumblr from what I can see. If you are on Facebook, you have to join the International Vintage Heuer Owners Club run by Gianvittorio Molteni-
    - New arrivals? Well, there is one special one, but more on that....later ;)

    2. The Misses
    - TAG Heuer failing to capitalise on the success of the vintage models. Back in the early 2000s we had a brace of re-edition models, but no "real" re-edition since 2010's Silverstone. Other brands have taken Heuer designs (SevenFriday, Autodromo) and earned plaudits- TAG Heuer should be benefitting more from the "exploitation" of its past
    - Increasing prices is good news if you already have a collection, but does mean that it's harder to get on board. Having said that, while the big guns keep appreciating in value, prices for other interesting models (Montreal, Daytona, etc) haven't really moved

    3. Crystal Ball
    - Been saying it for a while, but watch the interest in 30s/ 40s/ 50s Heuer models over the coming years. There are some cracking watches in this era, and while information is not as good as it is for later models, the price difference to the 60s and 70s hero watches is too big to ignore. We're already seeing crazy Seafarer prices- others will follow

    Over to you!