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  1. Chairman LMAO

    Chairman LMAO Sep 28, 2019

    This is my first sales post, so hopefully it’s not too cheeky to do this, but I have been lurking for a while and on the tz-UK forum for years ::shy::

    This is bascially brand new, got it just over ten days ago, but I have just managed to find a fair bit more funds so I want to use them for something I really want. :eagerness:

    This is totally unmarked, the only change from brand new is the removal of the protective stickers and adjustment of the bracelet.

    I do really like the watch; the column wheel Heuer 01 is great (it's about 4 secs a day fast). As I said, I just found a lot more to spend today, so I want to try to sell this without loosing too much. As a result:

    £2000 posted UK, £2050 worldwide.

    Please note in the pics below I have removed the serial number / warranty code on the card and watch but I am happy to send the original full resolution pictures to anyone interested, and I will include the original purchase receipt dated 16th of this month. If you want a picture of the box, just holler (I zoomed in too much for you to see it!). The date is changing over because the pics were taken just before midnight (I wanted to show the date change mechanism is working perfectly!).