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  1. Pumpupthejam

    Pumpupthejam Mar 12, 2024

    Hi all

    Please first of all accept my apologies if I don’t have the exact terminology as I’m a newbie on this hobby.

    I’ve recently acquired this Tag heuer 2000 model 973.006, however for some reason the crown (or the stem) doesn’t go fully in so the crown once pushed in is stuck on the date selection. I can pop it out and it will then give me the possibility to change the time without any issues. The watch keeps time which makes me think that the movement is fine, but again I might be wrong.
    I’ve removed the back case and taken the movement out to show you more details, but looking at the state of the tube I guess it is the reason why it doesn’t work.

    I’ve looked on some websites and it looks that the part number is hc1068 for the tube, though is there anywhere I can buy a generic one instead with the same dimensions ? Also looking at the crown and the stem, could you confirm that they look the right ones for this model ? IMG_7200.jpeg IMG_7204.jpeg IMG_7202.jpeg IMG_7206.jpeg IMG_7205.jpeg IMG_7201.jpeg IMG_9346.jpeg IMG_9345.jpeg
  2. BillC3

    BillC3 Mar 12, 2024

    Based on your pics, it looks like the stem tube is damaged and that is likely the cause of your issue. My guess is the crown was jammed sideways into the tube, to crush the edge like that. Maybe it was dropped at a bad angle onto a hard surface?

    It looks like it would be fairly simple to reshape the end of the stem tube, with the right tools. Do you have a watchmaker nearby that you can take it to? I would start by repairing/reshaping the existing tube, and looking for a replacement only if that fails.

    The crown and stem look fine. There's a bit of wear on the square portion at the end of the stem, but nothing that should affect the operation of the watch.
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