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  1. Vicky86

    Vicky86 Feb 16, 2020

    Hi all,

    One of my first Tag, rarely used except for special occasion. Well taken care off with near mint condition. Giving it up for sale to exchange a newer love in the Tag world ....

    Not sure of how much would be a fair pricing , was looking at something moving north of €600.... paper and box included

    Hard to let it go, but have to give it up in exchange for another favourite ..

    Serious buyers please get in touch..
    459F9C32-C255-442A-9F5F-A2FFE7C51E66.jpeg FD14F9EF-DCB4-4D9B-A6A3-25D15A478725.jpeg 2CCD8E6B-EF85-4CA3-8B4D-3A459EA35FF7.jpeg 4690571B-DA80-4D26-9A9A-E99EB7315830.jpeg