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  1. thefulltimegeek

    thefulltimegeek Apr 11, 2015

    Ok I have been looking for a decent watch winder for a while now.
    Originally I had a £60 dual winder from amazon, it was ok for the price but was loud and clunky plus it could only hold 2 watches.

    Most of the winders i looked at in my price range looked a bit ancient or held 2 watches on 1 winder which was something personally i didn't want, especially after seeing some videos of the winders where the watches bump into each other when rotating if the watch is too large or doesn't sit properly.

    Anyway after a few weeks of digging around I came across a company called Zosers who manufacture a load of different winders and also supply Watch winders to a company in the UK.

    Form chatting with the agent (Shirly Zhao, her english is excellent and probably better than mine) Zosers primarily sell to trade but on occasion they do have some small quantities in stock, and thanks to a bit of gentle persuasion from me they now accept PayPal as well :)

    In the end I went for the 4 winder version with room for 2 battery watches in the base with some cufflinks etc.

    The build of the winder is excellent and solid, the motors are almost silent, especially with the door closed (not sure if you would notice the motors placed on your bedside table) it comes with a handy little remote that mirrors the control inside the winder and allows you to set the rotation for each of the 4 winders individually plus turn the led on and off.

    My version came complete with a UK plug, Im not sure if they ship the plug based destination country, but if you are thinking of getting one it may be worth checking first.

    Shipping was via DHL and took around 5 days, I also had import duties to pay but it still worked out loads cheaper than getting one from the UK company.

    anyway onto the best bit some pictures :), they are not the best due to only having my iPhone, poor lighting and the case is super reflective!

    if you have any questions please just let me know :)