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Newbie Saying Hello and Looking for Advice

  1. PaulN360

    PaulN360 Feb 2, 2023

    Hi All,

    New Member here, but slightly faded and old model in life lol.

    I’ve been into nice watches for around 15 years when I treated myself to my first Tag and haven’t looked back since…

    I always wear an automatic as a daily but have liked the Connected since they first released…. The closest I’ve been to getting one is when the E3 was released, my thought was an everyday Watch I can swap to a rubber strap and use in the gym….. I use an Apple Watch for the gym but only the gym and with the dropping E3 price really tempted to jump in and invest….

    My question is, is the Connect E3 worth buying as an everyday and gym watch or maybe just an everyday when I have more than enough non smart watches and an Apple Watch…. Also I’ve got the iPhone 14 Pro Max and will the addition of this watch help me justify the cost?

    Bottom line my Original Tag purchased in 2009 is still a lovely watch but I WANT the E3 a new face every day yes please…. and just need to talk myself (with some help) into it…..

    Please go gentle on me :)

  2. Anthony.R

    Anthony.R Feb 2, 2023

    There are some pre owned models for sale over at Tag Heuer Connected Facebook Group. I think you can do a great deal on an E3 these days.
    For a Gym watch I think you will be happy with it. The fact you like the Brand is a bonus.
    Good luck
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  3. PaulN360

    PaulN360 Apr 18, 2023

    Well like I’ve said I’ve took the plunge and got the E3 with Stainless Bracelet….



    Quick first thoughts review. Have to say the weight is impressive, feels similar to my Carrera it does dwarf the 41mm with its 45mm but I really like the look and feel both on and off my wrist. When i set up the watch being an apple man I didn’t understand needing Wear OS and the Tag Heuer app but an android fan boy filled me in….

    I really haven’t properly played with it yet but I’m really keen to get decent watch faces from the face thread on here on it via the watchmaker app although I tried and failed to sync the app… do it need to create an account on the WatchMaker app? I have premium.

    I love the quick strap release, why doesn’t every watch have this…. One thing, I think the screen is a tad too bright and loses the realistic look of a mechanical watch… I don’t know if you can dim the brightness…

    Overall if you like an Apple Watch but not the styling this is for you… notifications come up and super easy to read, and even my motion camera notification comes through but no little pic like with my Apple Watch.

    Let the adventure begin….