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  1. JustGoFaster

    JustGoFaster May 5, 2021

    Just bought the latest Connected, had the modular but gave it back due battery performance. For sure this one is better, but not much! A couple of observations and queries. With the Helios watch face when showing weather on the sub dial the temp is different to the temp given in the weather Tile. Are they sourced differently? Step counter...there appears to be a disconnect here, I am guessing that TAG Wellness and Google Fit count separately, they can show different totals. I understand, I think, why but I am disappointed that the confusion exists. Clearly the solution is turn one off. Whilst trying to set up the watch to try to get to the end of the day I use the Wear OS app "Watch Battery" to see what is consuming most power. This is so slow to connect and update it is quite useless. Some watch faces when transitioning from dim/ambient to awake/bright demonstrate a glitch. The screen momentarily goes blank or flickers, which is not what I would expect from a luxury watch. This stuttering performance in my opinion is unacceptable, I hope can be fixed and I have written to TAG on this one. Despite my whining I love the watch, the case and display and simply stunning! There are a few software quirks which can hopefully be ironed out. My thoughts on the battery so far are that it can be eked out to last a day, but not comfortably!
  2. Feanor

    Feanor May 5, 2021

    1. For me the battery is worse than with the Connected Modular 45, but the new Connected has a few capabilities more, like e.g. heart rate monitor. I noticed that one big power hog is the new TAG Heuer Wellness, which I don't really use. I'll deactivate it and see.
    2. I don't know if the Helios watch face sources weather info from different place but I doubt. Most likely is a simple lag between the Wear weather tile and the watch face.
    3. The discrepancy between Google Fit and TAG Heuer today for me is less than 20steps, which is amazingly accurate. However if you don't like the discrepancy between the two fitness apps, you can do one of the following; ignore one of the two apps, disable TAG Heuer Wellness, or synchronise the TAG Heuer Sports app with Google Fit. Then the Google Fit will be updated with the info from the TAG Heuer app.
    4. The flickering of the screen is noticeable on the Heuer 01c watch face. I don't find it so horrible. Whether it will ever be fixed, who knows? You can always leave feedback in Google Play. TAG Heuer really check the feedback and they often even answer.
  3. clarkey12

    clarkey12 Jul 27, 2021

    My watch does not notify me of any emails from gmail accounts, any help would be appreciated