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  1. TjPhysicist

    TjPhysicist Sep 24, 2018

    I'm looking for the watchface from this video:

    The video is from Tag. So far I have this, in order of appearance

    1. 3 counter chronograph
    2. An "interactive" take on the 3 counter chronograph. Note, that this DOES have wearos complications, but importantly the complications appear in teh same position as the totalizer/counters do on a 3 counter chronograph, rather than the positions they do in the regular "interactive watchface" from tag.
    3. THIS is the one i REALLY want, aside from the above 3 counters. (and somehow the date no longer exists) there's a partial ring around the outside...not sure what that indicates but I'm hoping it's calender events? maybe some sort of timer? either way i'm INTRIGUED!

    The rest of them seem to be variations of the #3 above...and that's the one i'm REALLY looking for. Is this smoethign they initially DESIGNED but scrapped perhaps? i LOVE the idea of using the outside ring, especially given that as it stands that 0-60 etched into the watch is UTTERLY useless.