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  1. trimetrov

    trimetrov Apr 13, 2020

    Hi folks,

    I’ve been on a hunt for my first vintage Heuer, and found myself looking at Camaros more than any other.

    Two 9220s I’m waffling over, looking for advice from the crowd before doing anything dumb. Both examples look correct & have photos of the movements accompanying them.

    Example 1 has a much more banged up case, and the lume is a little more deteriorated (not a dealbreaker). Still unpolished.

    Example 2 has the nicer case (front & back). Something about the lume makes me suspicious, & hoping someone can tell if it’s a redo. (note, the dial is in good shape...just some funky shadows in the picture)

    Difference in price on these is about a grand (example 1 priced lower).

    I’m not a “museum piece” collector, I wear my watches...but I do have to consider future resale value.

    Thanks in advance for anyone can help out!

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  2. imagwai

    imagwai Apr 14, 2020

    Crown on #2 looks different to the crown on #1.

    I don't see anything particularly suspicious about the lume on either, although you have to consider whether #2 might have had replacement dial and hands at some point in it's history. But it may just be in good condition.
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  3. SteveP

    SteveP Apr 14, 2020

    Hi trimetrov and welcome!

    To be fair they both look like very nice pieces and both with good 'used' cases overall-testament to 50+ year old watches!. The 2nd Camaro-I would say the lume is probably original-I have to say too it is pretty amazing! The shadowing is due to blemishes on the crystal-with some elbow grease they should mosty/all polish out OK, providing it is still a plexi crystal which, again, I believe to be the case here. I do agree with @imagwai the crowns appear different, it's not a major point as they both seem period correct-I'd need to examine/compare it more to speculate which is correct, if one isn't.

    I am aware of Camaro 2 and the seller-the serial is correct for the piece. I can't place Camaro 1 off the top of my head but feel I know it too. If I could possibly have the sales link (feel free to DM me if preferred) or the serial, I may be able to say more about it too!

    I think either is a great choice! :thumbsup:
    Best, Steve

    ps just recalled the 2nd option. Yes, I've spoken with both sellers directly are each are reputable and well-known, although I've never bought from them myself.
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  4. trimetrov

    trimetrov Apr 14, 2020

    imagwai, SteveP - thank you so much for your responses, feeling much more confident about either option now. i had some concerns about the crown on #1 as well.

    talked to seller number 2 last night to negotiate on price a bit, one odd thing is that he calls this "reference 9220" with "caliber 7743." from his photos, the caliber is certainly a valjoux 92, so maybe he is just confused?

    again, thanks for your replies - SteveP i will DM you the sales link.