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  1. donkii

    donkii Oct 17, 2020


    First post in the Heuer forum, has mostly been on OF, why I don't know actually, been a fan of the vintage Heuers for a long time and owned quite a few pieces which now brings me on to this one.

    I don't have the best of connections with watchmakers that have parts and service for Heuers locally but I do know that there are quite a few highly appreciated people around the globe who can sort a small thing like this.

    Well.. I was offered this watch yesterday's by a non collector watchmaker, his store sell Gant, Tajms, DW and other fashionbrands and he doesn't know much about it but he wanted me to present an offer for the watch and I'm a little uncertain, it's been quite a big decrease regarding some of the vintage Heuer models so I'm reaching out here for a little help regarding the value and also if it will be a problem to find the correct hand for the left subdial and also non relumed hands. I've searched a little but I've come up with nothing. Any thoughts of cost when/if finding correct hands?

    Regarding the Türler logo, is that something to take in consideration even though its a not completly aligned.

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. abrod520

    abrod520 Oct 18, 2020

    Finding original hands isn't impossible, though it might just be a better idea to have a nice relume done (since the dial lume is fairly gone too).

    Those pushers are also incorrect - maybe they could be for an Autavia, I am not sure, but they are definitely not for a Carrera.

    Retailer logos are up to the purchaser whether to add or subtract value - personally, I do not prefer them, but some do pay a premium for them.

    For me there are a few too many parts replaced to assume that it is genuine - it could have been built up from parts. I'd want to see the movement before buying, but even so I would pay $2500 or less because of how much time and money it will take to bring it back to original specification.
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