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  1. eldorado

    eldorado Sep 26, 2021

    My wife and I take our dogs for a long walk on Sundays. When I got my Connected watch in January of this year, I took it to the walk and I used Google Fit to see how long we were walking and the pace we were keeping. I established that our walk was 2.55 miles and we were walking at a pace in between 19.5 and 20 minutes a mile. After June it started acting up. The same walk was lengthened to 3 miles and shortened to 2.2 miles. Our pace also fluctuated. At least on those days, it was consistently slow or fast. Today, during the first half of our walk it had us taking 23 minutes per mile and the second half we were extra fast. It eventually clocked 2.83 miles. Google Fit, at least when it comes to timing walking, has become completely useless.