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  1. Gis

    Gis Jun 15, 2023

    Hi everybody,

    i have a problem with my new E4 watch.
    I cannot force him to get any notification from my iPhone 13 phone.
    No phone, SMS, Messenger, and the others...
    The only notification that I get on watch came from "google account." Probably without the involvement of the phone.
    No reset, Tag Heuer application reinstallation helps.
    On the Tag Heuer application “Notification and Alerts” section I have just Calendar shown.
    What do I do wrong?
    That is the first issue.
    The second one is that I have no idea how to configure NFC "connection" between E4 and iPhone. I cannot get Google Pay from App Store (because of the region regulation – Poland). Anyone got this problem? Any third party application (like in Huawei sport bands?)

    Is it time to go back to Android that I am not a kin of… ?
  2. ddavtian

    ddavtian Jun 15, 2023

    Google Pay is not available with iPhone.